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Just Like Starting Over….

I’m now officially a student. Today i received my welcome information from the OCA.

I have seen my first assignment and cannot wait to start. So here goes…

Photography 1: Expressing your Vision

Assignment one – ‘Square Mile’

I need to produce between 6 and 12 images in response to the concept of ‘The Square Mile’.  This concept is within Welsh culture.  It is a connection between people and their childhood surroundings.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since reading the brief. Where do I go? What do I photograph? I remember spending a lot of time in my grandparents’ garden. What felt like a huge landscape of trees, plants, bushes, sheds and two ponds full of life. My Granddad and I used to walk down our own ‘Yellow Brick Road’ that led to an apple tree at the bottom of the garden.  I wonder if the tree is even still there?  The ponds are overgrown now and little time is spent maintaining the garden due to their inevitable ageing. But it would be great to tell the story visually.  I’ve already thought about what images to photograph; The path, the bench (if it’s still there) the ponds, and the apple tree; my Grandad sitting on the bench or stood near the tree.

There is also a place called Bathpool, which I also used to visit frequently.  My dad used to take us to collect conkers from the many trees there.  We used to sit and watch the trains go by and I always remember wanting to play on the ski slope that ran alongside it. Not to mention the eerie feeling when walking past the area where Leslie Whittle was murdered. Even though it happened before I was born, it always gave me the creeps, yet I always wanted to explore the area.

I’m going to visit my grandparents’ house on Wednesday after work to check it out.

In the meantime, I am going to do more reading on this Square Mile concept….

hwyl fawr for now 🙂